Truth On Cinema Downtime Explained

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I know, I know, Truth On Cinema has been away for a long time and I am here to explain what’s been going on.

I apologize to everyone that follows and checks Truth On Cinema for all the latest movie news, with a local spin, and has found nothing but an old Inception Review…well I am here to break the silence about what’s been going on.

Truth On Cinema was hacked!

Ok, it’s not as serious as it sounds, but indeed, our servers were penetrated by stupid hackers and a nasty javascript was installed and had taken over the site. You may have not noticed any changes immediately, but trust me, they were working behind the scenes, re-directing a lot of the visitors to FAKE anti-virus sites.

As of right now, August 28th, at 3:32pm, the hacked files have been cleaned and dis-infected. As a result of this nasty infection, all posting has been brought to a complete halt until the Truth On Cinema engineers ensure all backups are current and the new files are in place. We hope to work as hard and as fast as we can to bring Truth On Cinema back up and running, but until then, feel free to follow Truth On Cinema on twitter to get the latest updates as to when we will be back to full strength.

Again, thanks for your patience and your kind support as we get through this. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your internet security service to me, you can email me here.

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One Response to Truth On Cinema Downtime Explained

  1. vase says:

    Nice explanation. Il be awaiting your return feverishly. Was my past comment erased? Handle it dan!

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